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Take your dog’s dinner to the next level with this super-nutritious and savory Chicken Bone Broth Powder. Serve it up to your pup multiple ways: As a powder over kibble for a protein-packed combo, as a liquid broth over kibble for a mealtime must-have, or served alone as a delicious broth, encouraging your dog to stay healthy and hydrated. Plus, it's packed with collagen and made with real, organic chicken. (And approved by picky pups everywhere!) • Formulated to provide extra nutrition for joint strength, immune support, and heart health • Made with only 3 ingredients (that’s it!) • Organic & grass-fed chicken bone broth adds the flavor your dog loves while providing the protein and collagen they need • No Fillers, No Fluff: Native Pet never uses fillers or additives, just the good stuff • Backed by Vets: Formulated by veterinarians and vet nutritionists • Perfect for all-aged dogs • Absolutely no soy, dairy, gluten, or artificial ingredients