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Espinheira Santa Leaf - Adjunctive Acid Reflux & Ulcer Support* the Petz Kitchen for Dogs and Cats*

Espinheira Santa leaf - adjunctive acid reflux & ulcer support* the Petz kitchen for dogs and cats* Espinheira Santa is a small shrubby, evergreen tree known as the "Holy thorn" that is used widely in south American traditional, herbal medical systems. It grows plentifully and is native to many tropical regions of South America, including both urban and rainforest ecosystems. As a primary antacid and anti-ulcerous, Pinheiro Santa is primarily used for the conditional needs related to all types of ulcers, especially stomach, and gastric ulcers, for excess gastric acid, heartburn, GERD, reflux, as well as chronic gastritis and dyspepsia, indigestion, for liver disorders and as a laxative for constipation.