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FitPAWS Giant Rocker Board 30x30

by FitPAWS

The Versatile FitPaws Rocker Board

Offers a single-direction, back and forth movement that helps dogs with body awareness and balance confidence. This type of conditioning strengthens muscles and joints, and improves concentration. With an extra-wide platform, it's the perfect contact surface for a variety of weight-shifting activities. This is also a great tool for dogs new to balance training, as well as seniors and puppies. Try combining it with other FitPaws products to create new exercises for your dog.


  • One size fits all
  • Extra wide 30"x30" surface
  • 1.5" Center fulcrum bar
  • Removable training mat
  • Padded, non-slip textured training surface
  • Padding on edges of board to muffle sound when in use on indoor flooring
  • Rounded contoured board edges